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An Easy Gig on Fiverr That Nobody Knows

May 26, 2024

Looking for an easy gig on Fiverr? Fiverr’s Spring 2024 Business Trends Index is a goldmine that comprehensively answers anyone who has ever asked what easy Fiverr gigs they can do with no skills, no experience, and a little bit of work.

Every day, I see someone asking about easy ways to make money on Fiverr and what the easiest gigs on Fiverr are. These are great questions because Fiverr is horribly oversaturated at the moment. In most categories, you can’t swing a cat without it viciously clawing several sellers’ eyes out.

That’s one way to thin out the competition, at least. So what do you do if you want to make money online but feel like you don’t have any skills?

Those Easy Fiverr Gig Listicles Are Full of Lies

listicles for easy gig on fiverr are a lie without legs
A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth wakes up, with or without legs!

There are a ton of listicles out ther which all feature the same old 10 easy gig types. Let’s be honest. Those gigs are not easy. They are cheap, oversaturated, and full of viciously demanding buyers. The type of buyer that will make your life a misery without a second thought.

The gigs listed in those listicles may be easy to make and easy to offer, but they are also full of competition and other dangers. Let’s say you take that advice and start your easy gig. Ask yourself one question:

How do you plan to stand out from the existing competition so you get hired and paid? Unless you’re lucky, you won’t. You’ll just get 50 scammers a day flooding your inbox and killing your motivation.

Wouldn’t you rather know about a service that’s:

  • Easy to fulfil
  • Easy to charge big bucks for
  • Doesn’t have a steep learning curve
  • Has tools that do 90% of the work for you

If you would, then welcome to the rest of this article, which is going to give you a ton of information on how you can identify and create your easy Fiverr gig.

Yes, It’s will take a little more work than other “easy gig ideas”, but that extra time will be paid back handsomely.

Here’s the Real Answer to the Easy Gig Question

It’s, uh, a bunch of questions. 🙃

But I don’t know you, so if you want an answer, it’s within you.

These questions will help you to focus your mind and find real answers that work for you:

  1. What are you good enough at right now?
  2. Is there room for another seller in your niche?
  3. Is there any demand for this gig in your niche?

Although Fiverr lost 200,000 buyers over the course of 2023, there are still millions of active buyers on the platform. The good news is that while there are fewer buyers, they are spending more per gig. This means that you can charge more, even with a brand-new gig.

The trick is to find a gig that people want to buy where there aren’t quite enough sellers to satisfy that demand.

High demand, low competition gigs are the gigs that will help you to succeed on Fiverr.

It’s all very well having a gig, but if it doesn’t sell, it’s not a gig: it’s a waste of your time. But how do you find those gigs without spending days in mind-numbingly boring research?


Fiverr’s Already Got Hot Tips for Easy Gigs

Screenshot of Fiverr's Spring 2024 Business Trends Index revealing easy gigs on Fiverr that are also in demand
Screenshot of Fiverr’s Spring 2024 Business Trends Index (source)

The best place to look for information about trending jobs is Fiverr. In fact, the platform just released its Spring 2024 Business Trends Index.

Fiverr’s Business Trends Index is a biannual report that highlights key trends in business. Released in spring and fall, it reveals what buyers are searching for and buying on Fiverr. It’s a useful document that will save you hours of trudging through search results and guessing!

Here’s a quick rundown of current trends:

  • Business consultants and experts who can help to improve company performance and management.
  • AI experts who can help with integrating AI into key business areas like operations, marketing, and social media
  • Design and packaging experts who can help with creating innovative packaging for new products

Of these categories, AI is probably the easiest to crack, especially if you can offer what Fiverr calls “complex AI services”. This is just a fancy way of saying “a person who can take what AI produces and make it better.

It doesn’t mean you need to be a machine learning genius with a degree in computer science. If you’re capable of learning how to use an AI tool and improving on its results, you can offer a complex AI service on Fiverr.

AI can help with just about everything these days — all you need to do is figure out the answers to a few more questions:

  • What are you good at and what would you enjoy doing?
  • How could you use AI to improve your results — or how could you improve AI results?
  • Is this service something that businesses want?

If you’re finding this tough to answer, have a chat with ChatGPT Perplexity AI (it’s like Google and ChatGPT had a baby). These tools will help you to figure things out quickly with sourced information.

From there on out, it is just a question of doing some market research on Fiverr to see what supply and demand looks like and drilling down to find your golden niche on Fiverr.

All of this shouldn’t take you longer than an afternoon since you already know a lot of the answers, AI can help you figure out the rest and market research should only be confirming you’re on the right track.

Quick Note: Fiverr’s AI Policy

Fiverr has a lax AI policy. The platform doesn’t require sellers to disclose that they use AI (the company puts a requirement of due diligence on buyers), so you can use AI tools to offer your services without ever mentioning it.

However, I don’t think that’s good practice. Fiverr’s AI policy can change on a whim (just like Medium’s!). It’s better to disclose and be honest.

Focus on the benefits that your AI expertise and tools can deliver. Think time savings, cost savings, increased productivity, and other benefits that business value.

Businesses don’t care that you use AI for the end result if it means more profits. Customers — no matter who they are — will always care about being deceived. Fiverr might not require transparency, but you should still practice it anyway.

It’s your choice, but this is an article about creating easy and profitable Fiverr gigs — not future headaches!

Which Fiverr Gig IS The Easiest to Deliver?

man relaxing as easy fiverr gig does all the work in the background thanks to automation and AI

This all depends on what you’re good at and, more importantly, enjoy doing. But if you’re looking for a hot tip, my pick would be…

AI Automation

This services fits Fiverr’s definition of complex AI services and also hits on several areas of the Business Trends Index:

  • It uses AI to enhance business operations, marketing, and customer experiences
  • It improves business performance and efficiency by streamlining time-consuming manual processes into hands-off automation
  • It takes advantage of a perception that this is “difficult” work because it involves a little technical knowledge and planning

Fiverr highlighted a few types of gigs are being ripe for the picking, and these are definitely worth checking out. Just remember that a lot of other people have seen this report and are doing the same thing.

Instead, use some lateral thinking to uncover the easy gigs that people are looking for. Take an example: social media automation, and not chatbots. This is a single-service, oversaturated offer. Social media management (by a person) is also oversaturated.

But one area that isn’t oversaturated is people who can create custom automations for social media that take away a lot of busywork that either sucks up time and money for business.

Time because you either have to do this yourself — and money, because the other option is to hire someone to do it for you. AI automation introduces a third option: Save time and money by hiring an expert who creates AI automations that do the work of several people

AKA, you’re one of the people responsible for everyone else losing their jobs 🤔

You could create an AI automation that does 90% of social media work for you by leveraging existing assets, ChatGPT, and driving people through funnels to meet your sales goals saves time and money.

You may need to niche down to thin the competition a little, but this is a huge Fiverr opportunity at the moment. This is how you can create an easy Fiverr gig:

  • In demand
  • Not oversaturated
  • A little bit harder

In other words, this is something that is just difficult enough that a business would rather outsource to an AI expert. The key here is not to do something simple with AI that anyone can do themselves. Remember the “complex” part of Fiverr’s AI service vision?

Think of what value you can bring to the table.

  • Can you set up an automation that can transform blog posts into different social media posts and even videos with one automation, set off the moment a blog is posted?
  • Create an automation that listens for mentions of keywords relevant to your brand and respond to them?
  • An automation that kickstarts a sales funnel when a lead DMs with a single word to get more information about something?

These are just a few ideas that anyone can start leveraging today for an easy gig that offers real value to clients. You’re saving them time and money by leveraging your expertise.

(If you don’t have any expertise, there are a TON of tutorials for this online. Get learning!)

But Wait, There’s More – These Gigs Can Get Even Easier!

One of the best things about automation is that you can create a template (sometimes known as blueprints). These are the basic automation, ready to rock ’n’ roll — all you need to do is add your client details.

Zapier, Pabbly, and Make (formerly Integromat) are automation tools that I use. They come with templates for various automations and you can also create your own. This is dead simple. You can create unique social media automation templates and sell them over and over again on Fiverr.

It’s worth spending some time playing around with these tools and creating a few unique automations that businesses will find valuable. Just do extensive testing and make sure they work before you sell them!

And if you really want to make this work, you should consider learning some coding or buddy up with someone who knows how to code. This will take your value as an automation expert to the next level. Why? Because you’ll be able to create even more complex and useful automations.

Then you offer that service — your customized automation template — as a gig. I’ve already given you some ideas related to social media, but you can automate anything. Think back to your answers to the questions above and what you could automate.

Like I said, you have the answers — I’m gently guide you towards them.

AI automation isn’t a cheap service. You can easily charge three figures and higher for gigs like this with more complicated automations. Because you’ve already done the difficult part by creating the automation, the rest is easy.

Do Easy, Well-Paid Work – Not Easy, Badly-Paid Work

Now, here’s another simple question for you: Why are so many easy Fiverr gig lists claiming that data entry is easy?

Data entry can be easy with automation, but the pay is bad. With a little extra research, thought, and care, you can make a lot more money on Fiverr with an in-demand skill that gives you a lot of leeway for growth.

You’ll also be given respect by your buyers that is a lot harder to come by if buyers perceive you as an unskilled worker in a low-value job. It’s unfortunate that many people are like this, but having a buyer’s respect will make your life a lot easier – trust me on that one.

Avoid These So-Called Easy Gigs Like The Plague

skulls in semi-darkness

Writing is not an easy gig on Fiverr anymore. The bottom has fallen out of the market and the competition is insane at all levels. Even if you’re a superb writer, this is not an easy gig to break into. There is also a lot of AI suspicion going around.

There’s also just not a lot of interest in AI writing on Fiverr (even Fiverr staff with deadlines to meet don’t hire the platform’s own writers!). People don’t want to pay for a ChatGPT article they can get for free. At best, cheap writing gigs are about saving time where writers are more like a cross between a data entry role and a VA, copying and pasting texts with a little tweaking.

AI automation may also be copy-paste with a little tweaking once you’ve got the basics down, but it’s a better paid gig where businesses aren’t suspicious but eager for you to use AI.

Logo design is another easy gig that is hard to break into. It’s the largest and most competitive category on the platform where the majority of sellers are just using Canva (or AI) to fulfil their orders. Don’t bother unless this is your dream job, and even then, Fiverr’s not a good choice.

It’s the same deal: buyers are suspicious of AI. There’s also a severe difficulty spike in revisions. It’s easy to use AI to create a logo, but when the client wants to make a “minor” edit… you’re on your own.

Data entry is another easy job that should be avoided like the plague. Many jobs in this area have been lost to AI, and you’ll need to use AI to keep up with the successful sellers. It’s a low-paid, dying service.

On a similar note, “friendship” gigs or “psychic” gigs or any gig that isn’t a “professional” gig. Fiverr is phasing these gigs out to the point they are almost invisible. The work might be “easy,” but you’re hopping into an area of Fiverr that is dying – not the best career move.

If you are going to invest time and energy into an easy gig, make it a gig that will succeed and make you good money.

What AI Tools Can I Use for Easy Fiverr Gigs?

No matter what AI tool you use, first make sure that what you plan to do with it aligns with Fiverr’s AI Community Standards and remember that Fiverr is super-dialed into AI at the moment.

This is important to know, because it means that the platform is fast-tracking sellers to Top-Rated Seller (TRS — the most lucrative level a seller can achieve on the platform). The TRS badge is the hardest to get. The list in that link shows you where Fiverr doesn’t have enough quality sellers.

Put that together with its mission to deliver “complex AI services” and you already know what you need to do if you want to start an easy and successful Fiverr gig:

  1. Choose an AI niche you want to work in
  2. Choose your tools and learn how to use them
  3. Set up your gig focusing on an in-demand niche that isn’t saturated

If you’ve followed this article, you already have a good idea of the answers to these questions. All you’re missing is some tools.

Automation Tools to Use for Easy Fiverr Gigs

selling custom Make (Integromat) automations can be an easy fiverr gig
An example of a semi-complex automation in Make (Integromat) for sharing blogs to social media networks

Here are the automation tools that I use – there are some others, like ActivePieces and N8N, but you’ll need a more technical background to get into them. If you’re not techy (like me!), start with any of these three, which are no-code automation tools:

Pabbly is like Zapier, only a lot cheaper. I’ve been wetting my automation feet in this tool and it’s a little clunkier than Zapier, but its price and functionality is great. It automates all kinds of business stuff and you can hook it up to ChatGPT to make real AI automations for your customers.

Make (affiliate link) is my favorite tool. There are a ton of tutorials out there and the versatility of the blueprints you can create is amazing. The affiliate program is also pretty neat — get clients using Make and you can start. Again, you can sign up for free and play around with the various automations.

Zapier is an amazing tool that’s also the easiest to use and a great introduction to AI automation that will help you to learn the ropes. You can sign up for free, but the free functionality is very limited.

Database and Spreadsheet Tools to Use with Fiverr Gigs

Databases and spreadsheets are integral to automation. Think of them as “homes” where you can store data and then pick them up for automation. There are lots of choices here, but a lot of this will depend on what your client wants to use.

Take Google Sheets, for example. It’s a great free choice that can do some seriously heavy work. However, some clients may prefer databases since they are already using them. This means you should learn how to use programs like Airtable, or but AITable.ai. These two tools are very similar, with AITable having more integrated AI features to speed up workflows. Notion is also a great choice.

These are just a few suggestions for tools that I use in my online business that can help you to kickstart your easy Fiverr gig. Take a look at Fiverr’s report, take a look at the marketplace, decide what you want to focus on, then start working on it.

One thing to consider before choosing a tool is how well it is automated.

  • Does the tool have an API — or is it planning to build one?
  • Does your preferred automation platform have templates or pre-existing actions you can use?
  • Is there a good community behind the software?

The last point is perhaps the most important one: you will get stuck and documentation may not be useful. A strong community means you can ask questions and get answers to difficult issues.

You Can Create Gigs Using Other Automation Tools

I’ve just shown you some common tools to use with AI automation — but this is only scratching the surface. It doesn’t matter what niche or industry you’re in, AI is here and you can create complex AI services from it.

Stuck for ideas? Again, ask ChatGPT for ideas and check the marketplace for AI tools and services. You will find something and you can easily use Fiverr to validate whether the service is a goer or a waste of time.

Just remember that you should be focused on a trend that will be in demand in the long run. A good example of how chasing trends can backfire is NFTs. A couple of years ago, NFTs were the hottest thing in crypto – and on Fiverr.

Now that niche is deader than a dodo, and those sellers have been forced to pivot to other gigs. Is AI also in a bubble? Yes, but unlike NFTs, automation delivers two fundamental benefits that people value: time and cost savings — and those never go out of style.

Start a gig that’s easy for you to do, easy to get established in, and easy to offer for years to come.

The Easiest Fiverr Gig Are The Ones That Succeed

a girl waves money about from her successful easy gig on fiverr (jk)

The gigs that succeed on Fiverr are the ones that offer buyers real value by helping them to accomplish something that they cannot easily do on their own without investing time and money into the process. AI automation is one of those skills that is in-demand at the moment, especially for more complex automations that don’t have freely-available templates.

Even if the AI bubble pops (and it will), businesses will still be seeking out automation experts. The most difficult part of getting started on Fiverr is getting noticed. If you take nothing else away from this article, make sure you do research before you start a gig. 

Find niches and categories where you have a chance! Don’t forget that you can use your very own AI automations to advertise your gig on social media to help buyers find you.

AI automation is one of the easiest gigs to succeed in at the moment because it is in demand, it isn’t that difficult to learn, and most people are missing the easy opportunity because they’re trying out the superficially easy gigs that everyone else is chasing.

This isn’t just my opinion: this comes straight Fiverr’s own data and analysis of what businesses are looking for and buying on the marketplace today.

Stop searching for easy Fiverr gig ideas — you found one. Now, get to work!

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